[Update:] Scott Chandler signs with Patriots

Photo courtesy of Andrew Weber, USA Today Sports


As an effort to clear up cap space, the Buffalo Bills released their starting tight end on March 11. Chandler's 2014 season did not consist of Gronk-like numbers. However, for those that are fans of Patriot Nation know that Chandler always saved his best performance for New England. We all know that Belichick has a history of signing players that seem to excel against his team.

The move to New England makes sense for a few different reasons:

  • 6'7 and 260 frame can alleviate Gronk's blocking responsibilities
  • Perfect complement to Gronk in a two-TE set
  • Another goal-line, short yardage option for Brady
  • Opportunity to stick it back to your former team
On the flip side of things, Baltimore has the potential of being a more appealing option.  With Owen Daniels relocating to Denver, the Ravens have a starting slot with Chandler's name written all over it.

So what's it going to be Chandler?  We all know you want to play with the current Super Bowl champs!

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