Phil Perry, CSNNE:
"There is so much stuff I learned football-wise from Bill," Revis said on a conference call. "He's going to be a Hall-of-Fame coach one day. Just to be able to sit in the room with a Hall-of-Fame coach and really just see how he operates and the way his coaching style is, I took a lot from it. I learned a lot. I'd just say being a part of how successful he is in his coaching career and just sitting back and really, like a sponge, taking everything in and really learning more about football. It was a pretty awesome experience."

The 11 month stint in New England for Darrelle Revis produced only one minor flare up with the boss. On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, tardiness caused CB Darrelle Revis to be sent home by head coach, Bill Belichick. This move was in keeping with the ways things are done under the veteran head coach.

Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston:
The Patriots have a hard-line rule, and this goes back 15 years under Belichick, that if a player is late he doesn't practice. That is just standard operating procedure, and Revis is hardly the first player to break that rule.

The accountability Revis has taken is what was necessary to move on with limited repercussions. "Between me and Coach," Revis said. "Talk to him about it." It was on to preparation for Sunday's matchup with the Chicago Bears.

2014 was the "bridge year" for Darrelle Revis in getting back to the New York Jets. Just as head coach, Bill Belichick sticks to the plan and does not deviate for anybody, Darrelle took a page from Bill, and moved on.

There is no reason to burn any bridges. There were hard feelings in being sent home. "It's football," said Revis."

I guess it was all part of the plan for this to end in Glendale, AZ. Most marriages don't have happy endings.

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