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Well, this is it, folks. The game as we know it is about to change. The NFL could get rid of the extra point in the near future, according to Trey Wingo of NFL Live.

I'm sure getting rid of the extra point would revolutionize the game. I for one will miss what is probably the surest thing in the league - over 99% of extra points are converted according to Pro Football Talk.

Here are a couple of suggested changes to the rule, per PFT:

The first proposal is a bizarre one from the Colts that would allow teams to try a 50-yard bonus kick for an extra point after two-point conversions. That would mean a team could score nine points on one possession, with a touchdown, a two-point conversion and the bonus kick. For now, the plan is only to try that in the preseason, but even that may not pass, as the league probably isn’t ready for such a significant change in scoring.

The second proposal is more straightforward, and follows up on an experiment conducted last preseason: The Patriots are asking that the league change the rules so that extra point kicks are snapped from the 15-yard line, while two-point conversions remain at their current spot, the 2-yard line. The idea there is to make extra points a little more difficult, and therefore make teams a little more likely to go for two. That proposal seems like a long shot as well, although the fact that it was tried last preseason means the league at least has an idea of how it would work.

I'm sure the game will be immensely different without the surest play in the league..well, sort of.

Conor Frederick 3/23/2015 11:45:00 AM Edit

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