Chuck Schilken, LATimes:
The star running back said last month that he felt "uneasy" about returning to the Minnesota Vikings after all that transpired last season following his indictment by a grand jury in Texas on a felony charge of injury to a child.

“We clearly understand he's under contact with the Vikings," Agent Ben Dogra said. "After several discussions and much thought, I believe that it's not in his best interest to resume his career in Minnesota. It might be best for all parties involved for him to resume his career elsewhere.”

The Minnesota Vikings' all-time leading rusher appeared in only one game in 2014 because of the child abuse case that involved injuries to his 4-year-old son. The Vikings clearly hold the upper hand in their dealings with the star RB. With three years remaining on his contract and possible salary cap implications, there is no chance that Adrian will be released by the Vikings.

For Adrian Petreson, the ideal landing spot would be with the Dallas Cowboys. Tampering charges in 2013 were in play after Adrian called Jerry Jones and expressed his desire to play for his home state team.

Billionaire owners, Mark and Zygi Wilf of the Minnesota Vikings have no intention of being pushed around by Adrian Peterson and his agent, Ben Dogra. Knowing full well that Peterson's dream landing location is in Dallas, the price for his services just went up. The last major trade between the Cowboys and Vikings was a disaster for Minnesota. The Herschel Walker trade was the largest player trade in the history of the National Football League. It involved 18 players and draft picks. The trade was instrumental in helping the Cowboys win three Super Bowls in the 1990's.

If Jerry Jones is interested in winning at all costs, he should negotiate with the Wilf brothers for his DeMarco Murray replacement. Jerry is no stranger to controversy, having signed another player from Roger Goodell's exempt list in DT Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers.

Rivers McCown, Bleacherreport:
Despite his legacy-tarnishing suspension for child abuse, Adrian Peterson will go down as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. Peterson's defining on-field trait will be that he always made anything seem possible.

It is Adrian Peterson's claim that he was ambushed by the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct after he pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of misdemeanor reckless assault. There has been no remorse from Adrian Peterson, only disdain for the Vikings who did not support him.

For his 30th birthday party, Adrian Peterson rides in on a camel. It's hump day for shamed NFL star as he arrives at his Arabic-themed bash. If I were the New England Patriots' organization, I would draw a line in the sand, and never cross it.

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