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Move over Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant and everyone else. You guys aren't the toughest wide receivers in the NFL to cover. That distinction belongs to Julian Edelman, according to an anonymous NFL general manager.

Patriots fans are probably foaming at the mouth over whoever said this (watch, it's Ryan Grigson. I'd bet anything on it). The compliment came by way of Mel Kiper Jr.'s 2009 NFL re-draft, where Edelman was selected fourth overall by the team the Patriots disposed of to win their fourth Super Bowl - the Seattle Seahawks.

Funny how a former college quarterback all of a sudden receives this much praise after riding the pine in New England for the first few years of his career. It all came full circle for Edelman when some people were clamoring for him to win Super Bowl MVP over Tom Brady.

In all honesty, a case could have been made for that and I think a lot of people would have been alright with it had he won the award. After all, he did catch nine passes for 109 yards, as well as what ended up being the game-winning touchdown.

But MVP awards don't mean a lot. Championships do, and Edelman was a huge reason that the Patriots won what might be the most satisfying pro sports title in Boston since the Red Sox did it in 2004.

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