Patriots home opener might be a Super Bowl rematch with the Eagles

This next years Super Bowl will be number XL. Or if you aren't from the Roman empire thats Super Bowl 50.

That's a pretty big accomplishment and the NFL plans to commemorate the "Gold Anniversary" of the Super Bowl with a few historic Super Bowl rematches.

Since the Patriots are the reining Super Bowl Champions they get to open the season. They have been involved in some of the best Super Bowls in recent memory and it just so happens they play the NFC East this year. Giving the schedule makers two choices for a great opening game that is also a Super Bowl rematch.

As it sounds, the Eagles have a great shot to be the opening day opponent. Its a matchup of two innovative head coaches in Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly. Belichick brought the high tempo offense that Kelly made famous at Oregon to the pros before Kelly had a chance to. Tom Brady and the Patriots rode the high tempo offense to more success in 2011-2012 than Kelly's Eagles have been able to attain so far. A high scoring shootout is a distinct possibility.

But these two teams also played a nail biter in Super Bowl XXXIX in which the Patriots intercepted Eagles QB Donovan McNabb with 10 seconds left to seal a 24-21 victory. Their third in four years.

The other team from the NFC East that would be a possibility here is the New York Giants. Who of course, beat the Patriots in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI. Two games that most of Patriots nation likes to block out.

It hasn't been said why the Eagles appear to be the front runner but its most likely due to a scheduling conflict with the Giants and the Jets since they share a stadium.

Or the NFL schedule makers have a heart and know we don't want the lead up to the season to be endless replays of those two heartbreaking losses.

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