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Free agent wide receiver Percy Harvin spent yesterday meeting with the Buffalo Bills. He will continue that visit this morning but if he leaves without a deal, expect him to meet with the New England Patriots.

New England was widely viewed as the best landing spot for Harvin. A place where he could go and prove himself once again while competing with a championship. But one report out of his camp could throw a monkey wrench into the process. Harvin apparently wants to play wide receiver full time and not be used as a "gadget" player.

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A source to me on what's important to Harvin after speaking with him. "A lot of people have lied to him and told Percy [Harvin] that when he plays on their team he will be a traditional wide receiver, but if you look over the course of his career that certainly hasn't always been the case. My understanding is that Percy wants to play the position full-time or get closer to that. He doesn't want to be the gadget guy all the time. He's grown tired of that. He wants to have a defined wide receiver role. I'm not saying he doesn't want to ever catch the ball out of the backfield again or run a bubble screen. He''l do whatever it takes to help the team win. I just think he wants to be respected as a traditional wide receiver threat."

If he shows that he isn't willing to be fine with whatever his role may be with the team, don't expect Bill Belichick to sign off on that.

Harvin's role would probably include a lot of snaps coming out of the backfield and kick returning. As well as playing out wide in an effort to stretch the field. But if its one thing we have learned is that Belichick will use his players in unconventional ways if it can give the Patriots an advantage.

If Harvin makes it out of Buffalo, this will be something to watch for.

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