Report: Patriots will decline Darrelle Revis $20 million option, as expected

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but if you thought the Patriots were going to pick up that $20 million option on Darrelle Revis's conract. Think again.

The latest reports confirm the logical. The star corner may very well become a free-agent.

Our own Ned Brady broke down Revis' "two-year deal" last March when the team brought him onboard. That second year was never realisitc, it existed only to keep the Patriots from franchising Revis for the 2015 season.

Declining the option still leaves the Patriots with a $5 million cap hit, and it's likely that may be figured into a new deal. Because a new deal is very much in the works.

Jason Cole of BleacherReport reported today that the Pats will decline the option, but that they are a leader to retain the star cornerback's services.

Cole reported Friday afternoon that the team plans to decline the option and avoid the $25 million cap hit. Cole says the Patriots should know by Monday if Revis indeed plans on hitting the open market or negotiating with the team during the three-day so-called “legal tampering” period that begins Friday night at midnight.

Cole characterized the Patriots as “confident” a new deal could be reached and that the Jets would be ready to “swoop in” if it falls through.

So, everything is playing out as expected. If the Jets are actually the only major contender, all signs point to Revis probably returning.