Revis could hit open market if Pats don't pick up his option

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
The Pats will have to hope cornerback Darrelle Revis enjoyed his 1st Super Bowl ring so much that he decides to take less money to try and win another one. Or maybe 2 or 3. With the pats $11.3 million over the cap right now, that's all they can do. According to Adam Schafter, Revis would be a $25 million cap hit if the Patriots pick up the option on Revis:

“Darrelle Revis has a clause in his contract that says he can’t be tagged,” Schefter said. “There’s a $20 million option bonus payment that would carry a $25 million cap number. The bottom line is, it would surprise me if New England picked that up. So, the chances are — not chances are, it’s going to happen — Darrelle Revis is going to hit the market. He’ll be another coveted free agent.”

“This all comes down to whatever Darrelle Revis wants to do,” Schefter said. “He’s got a Super Bowl ring, his career has been validated. He’s got one more big score left. One score in terms of big contract. So, does he want to take that big contract with a team like the New York Jets, who are dying to make a run at Darrelle Revis? Or the Buffalo Bills? Or is he willing to take less to go back and play with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and be in the environment he’s been in in New England? “That’s a call that only he can make,” Schefter said. “At this point in his career, he’s got a ton of money. A ton of money. All together with marketing and contracts, he’s probably made $100 million. So, what do you want to do with your very last big deal? That’s the decision that Darrelle Revis has to make.”

What will he do? Most Pats fans (that includes me) are hoping for the above mentioned scenario to play out: That Revis enjoyed winning so much that he takes less money to win more rings with the Patriots. Let's face it: If he goes to the Buffalo Bills or back to the New York Jets, he's not winning a thing. At least not right away. The Bills at least finished above .500, but neither team is near a Super Bowl because they lack one important factor: An offense that can cause problems.

But, on the plus side, both teams can throw money at Revis. The tradeoff for Revis would be that he'd give up a chance to win another ring. It would take years for any team to be in contention for even the AFC East, much less a Super Bowl, even with Revis.

I personally hope he stays, though. (Pretty please with a cherry on top?)