The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are both eyeing Devin McCourty

Harry How/Getty Images
According to Dianna Marie Russini of NBC in D.C, both the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants are interested in making a push for soon-to-be free agent Devin McCourty.

Who knows if they'll actually pursue him, but both teams definitely have a need there as they ranked in the bottom half in passing yards allowed this year. The Giants came in at 18th, the Eagles at 31st, so there's definitely a need there. The Eagles have more flexibility as far as the cap goes, with $40 million in cap room right now, so they have a lot of flexibility to bring in new blood. The Giants have about $12 million right now, so they have some room, but they wouldn't be able to bring on many more players after McCourty should they go that route.

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