Defense drops bombshell, says Hernandez witnessed the murder

As the defense and prosecution make their final arguments in the trial of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, the defense made a shocking admission. Aaron Hernandez was a the crime scene and actually witnessed the murder.

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James Sultan, one of Hernandez’s attorneys, told the jury that Hernandez witnessed the murder of Odin Lloyd. Sultan implied that the trigger was pulled by either Ernest Wallace or Carlos Ortiz — the two other men who were allegedly at the scene the night Lloyd was killed.

Hernandez’s attorneys understood that there was too much evidence placing Hernandez at the scene of the crime to argue that he had absolutely nothing to do with Lloyd’s murder. Sultan basically admitted that Hernandez could have been convicted of being an accessory, but the former Patriots star is not being charged with that.

Is this a last ditch effort, a hail mary if you will, to pin the murder on Hernandez's associates and save himself from a murder conviction? Or is it the truth, was Hernandez just in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldn't stop his friend from being murdered?

We may never know the truth. Only three people will ever know and its become very clear that none of those three want to disclose what exactly happened that night. And since they won't, a jury will be tasked with deciding what happened. Will they believe Hernandez was an innocent bystander? Has the prosecution made a strong enough case, beyond a reasonable doubt that Hernandez pulled the trigger?

With the defense and prosecution both wrapping up their cases, we will soon find out.

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