Get em Gronk! 

Rob Gronkowski seemingly isn't shy about anything. Apparently, he definitely isn't shy about describing what he wants in his future wife. Gronk was on the season premiere of "Jim Rome on Showtime" and was asked to describe his ideal wife.

"She cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, lets me do whatever I want."

Gronk continued with:

"Very nice, kind, everything, beautiful - just has it all."

Gronk's comments could be spun as sexist, and that's probably one of the bro-iest things he's ever said. But I'm giving him a pass here because A.) I worship the ground he walks on (I'm only sort of joking), and B.) you'd expect that kind of response out of someone with Gronk's personality. It's really not a surprise. In fact, if anything, it's funny to me because of who is saying it.

Somewhere, a gaggle of super uptight feminists are preparing to raise hell over this. Juuuuuuust gonna sit back and watch.

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Jesse Gaunce 4/01/2015 10:02:00 AM Edit

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