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New York Jets’ general manager Mike Maccagnan is in charge of his first NFL draft, which is quickly approaching. We’re going to reach out to every team ahead of us and gauge the value of what they’re looking for in compensation to move up in the draft. That doesn’t mean we’re actually trying to go up necessarily and get a player but you hear what the market value is basically, and then what you do is see what unfolds with the first few picks and who is available. We’ll have that discussion when we get to the draft — if we want to move up in the draft.

Just two years ago, the New York Jets had the ninth and the 13th pick in the first round. CB Dee Milliner of the University of Alabama was the first selection followed by DT Sheldon Richardson from the University of Missouri. This was four days after trading DB Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the second round at number 39, the Jets selected their future starting QB Geno Smith from the University of West Virginia.

Geno Smith has struggled in his two seasons with the New York Jets. Smith has 25 TD's and 34 interceptions and a 71.5% QB rating in his brief career. He is presently one of three QB's on the Jets' roster. Ryan Fitzpatrick is over from the Houston Texans. He is working his way back from a broken leg which he suffered in a late season Houston loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Simms is the third string QB. He has spent three years as a backup.

For the New York Jets to move from number six in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft, the cost will be significant. The Tennessee Titans hold the second pick. Competition will be stiff in acquiring that second selection from the Titans. The San Diego Chargers have made inquiries. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly covets his former Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. The Eagles hold the 20th pick in the first round, but have a legitimate NFL QB in Sam Bradford on their roster who could be part of a trade with the Titans.

The New York Jets have a first year head coach in Todd Bowles and a rookie general, Mike Maccagnan. They also have a new offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey. In Chad's three years in Buffalo from 2010-2012, his pass-run ratio was 58-42. One big concern with Gailey is that he hasn't been in the league for the past two years. He has a lot of catching up to do.

Best New York Jets Draft Pick - 1965 QB Joe Namath (AFL) 1st overall pick from University of Alabama. Joe was also 12th pick by St. Louis Cardinals(NFL). Bidding war between the two leagues got Joe Namath a $427,000 contract. Money well spent.

Worst New York Jets Draft Pick - 2007 Sixth Pick in the First Round DE-LB Vernon Golston Ohio State University. Recorded zero sacks in undistinguished three year career with the Jets.

I look for the New York Jets to stand pat, keeping the sixth pick in the first round. There are many unknowns in moving up to take a running QB in Marcus Mariota. It would be risky for a first year GM with a first year head coach to mortgage the future(2016 1st round pick) before their first training camp. The fact that the offensive coordinator has never worked with the head coach in any capacity before makes for risky business.

The Washington Redskins moved from number six in the 2011 NFL draft to number two. The cost was three first round picks and a second round selection to take QB Robert Griffin III from Baylor University. The Redskins are stilling paying for this trade, having picked up RGIII's player option for 2016 with a salary of $16.2 million.

"Mistakes can be fatal."

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