Michael Bennett weighs in on DeflateGate

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There has a wide variety of reaction to the Wells Report from players around the league, and Michael Bennett became the latest player to weigh in on "DeflateGate."

Pro Football Talk:

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett had this to say when asked by TMZ whether he considers Brady a cheater: “Yes.”

Bennett, who seemed barely interested in talking while waiting for his luggage at an airport and repeatedly checking his phone, acknowledged that there was no cheating in Super Bowl XLIX, that the Patriots blew out the Colts in the AFC title game regardless of any cheating, but that Brady “cheated that one game.”

Bennett also said he believes the four-game suspension of Brady will be upheld.

Brady and co would have blown out Indianapolis regardless of supposedly deflated footballs (I say supposedly because there are still a lot of unanswered questions). And Bennett is right in pointing out that the Super Bowl win was clean. Brady and co. tore up a historically good defense for 28 points, including 14 in the 4th after being down 10 points. As far as the whole cheating part, the Wells Report posed more questions than it answered in my mind. Hopefully, we get some conclusive answers soon.