With all the attention focused squarely on the Wells report coming out, this little nugget seemed to slip by. Brandon Spikes is in town. For a visit. With the Patriots. To apparently apply for a job opening in the linebacker position.

Now its not unusual for a team to bring in a former player for a free agent visit. They know the scheme and are very familiar with how things work. What makes this interesting is it seems that after Spikes and the Patriots parted ways last year, both sides couldn't have been happier.

Spikes was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2010 draft and was a very productive starter, especially in the run game. But his run with the team ended with a missed meeting and then being placed on IR with a knee injury. An injury that Spike felt he could have played through but the team wanted to move on from him. Then, after he had signed with the Buffalo Bills he sent out a series of tweets displaying his animosity with the Patriots.

Clearly he seemed happy to have moved on, even saying later that he "couldn't be himself" during his time with the Patriots.

Fast forward a year and with his contract up with the Bills and being unsigned elsewhere, he's back in New England looking for work. Now its clear that Bill Belichick is great at dismissing what has been said in the past and this appears to be another instance of that.

Obviously a free agent visit doesn't mean a signing is a sure thing but one thing is for sure, it appears Spikes realized the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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