Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk:
On the surface, the news from Adam Schefter of ESPN that the Patriots suspended John Jastremski and Jim McNally because the NFL requested the discipline makes plenty of sense. At a deeper level, the timing is curious — and it possibly becomes the first tangible evidence that winter is ending.

With the Patriots previously tight lipped on the topic of why they suspended their in-house equivalents of Beavis and Butthead, it’s fair to surmise that the news of the real reason for their suspension without pay was leaked to Schefter by the league. If so, it’s the first time throughout this saga that the league has leaked something that was favorable to the Patriots.

None of us were asking why two loyal employees were suspended without pay for no apparent reason. I am glad that is cleared up.

Normally, a flat tire has one leak. This tire had five large NFL holes.

1. 11 of the 12 Patriots footballs were a full two pounds under 12.5 PSI
2. Presumed tampering
3. Conflicting pressure gauges
4. Readings that fell in line with the Ideal Gas Law
5. Wells did not have the right to re-interview McNally

New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft is on five key NFL committees. Bob was instrumental in helping to end the 2011 NFL player lockout work stoppage. The end of the lockout coincided with the formation of a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the start of the 2011 regular season. It stands to reason that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would extend an olive branch to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Why wouldn't Roger Goodell try and save face with his most influential owner? It worked the last time when the 2011 work stoppage threatened his employment. It was Bob Kraft who backed him when the 2014 Ray Rice decision threatened his employment, again.

It stands to reason that there won't be a third hug coming anytime, soon.

One more thing, Roger. Please reinstate the two employees. With PAY.

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