Patriots take support for Tom Brady to new level with rally

Angela Rowlings
Patriots fans are a hardcore bunch. On Sunday, 250 fans got together at Gillette Stadium to hold a "Free Tom Brady" rally. In one case, a couple postponed their honeymoon to be at the rally.

Per the Boston Herald:

Newlyweds Paul and Kellie Goodrow of Watertown, married May 9, have put their honeymoon cruise to Bermuda on hold until the four-time Super Bowl champ’s name is cleared.

“We want to be here to support our Patriots, and until that ban is lifted, we’re not going on our honeymoon,” Paul Goodrow said. “The NFL debacled this so-called Deflategate. It’s just ridiculous. It’s all because of fans from other states who hate us because they ain’t us. This is just a smear campaign against the Patriots. We’ve been the AFC champions every year and other teams are getting angry with us.”

His bride, wearing a Patriots T-shirt and a bittersweet smile, assured the Herald, “I’m OK. I know once the ban is lifted, I’ll have a happy husband again.

“He lives, eats and sleeps Patriots. This is his Disney World,” Kellie Goodrow said of Gillette Stadium.

Other fans echoed the same sentiments:

“Money can’t buy legacy, and that’s what’s being tainted right now,” Pablo Munoz, 22, told the Herald. “If you take that away from him, he could live his whole life with money, but at the end of the day, if he goes in the Hall of Fame with an asterisk next to his name, that’s going to be more than defamation. That’s just terrible.

“That’s really what this is about,” Munoz said in unflagging support of the 37-year-old MVP quarterback, who is appealing the four-game suspension league Commissioner Roger Goodell sanctioned. “It’s to show him there’s still a nation, a sea of people who believe that he’s the champion that he is. I think it’s going to be great for him. He’s given us so many memories. We just want to give him one.”

Katarina Beaton, 54, of Hardwick drove two hours to be part of the hue and cry. “I don’t care,” she 

“I’m supporting the 
Patriots. I think he’s innocent, yes.”

Tyler Goldman, 17, of Norton, showed up with friends.

“We decided, instead of going to the beach, let’s do something good. Let’s be with good people,” Goldman said.

Asked if he thought Brady will take notice, Goldman said, “I think he probably enjoys the support. It probably makes him smile.”

Fans chanted "Free Brady" and "Fire Goodell," among other things.

I like the show of support for Tom Brady and I think the punishment was harsh, but I'm about ready for this whole thing to end. But that's not going to happen anytime soon, so carry on Patriots fans.