Before the NFL's hammer came down yesterday, there was an article going around that said the Patriots had thrown Tom Brady under the bus. That they weren't supporting him in his hour of need. After the ruling came down, you can see that is farthest thing from the truth.

It started with owner Robert Kraft's statement that ended by saying:

Tom Brady has our unconditional support. Our belief in him has not wavered

That should remove any doubt about the Patriots support for Brady. Today though, the official twitter account of the New England Patriots made another outward show of support.

There is no doubt about it, the Patriots are totally behind their QB. The battle lines are being drawn. But this time the "Us versus The World" isn't just a mentality, its reality. Spygate resulted in a scorched earth policy on the field, but deflate-gate might produce a scorched earth policy off the field. Kraft has been Goodell's biggest supporter but those days are over. With Kraft changing his mind about accepting the penalties, all bets are off. He might just go Al Davis on the league and take them to court. The NFL landscape will not look the same when its done. And if you think that nothing like that would happen, well you'd be wrong. Mike Freeman quoted an NFL owner that nervously stated he has no idea what Kraft will do next.

Mike Freeman

The owner added: "Some of us (owners) are waiting a little nervously to see what Robert does next.

If other NFL owners, who are more in the know than us, have no idea how far Kraft will take this then we should expect the fight of a lifetime. Kraft will take on the league for his team, for Brady and for us fans and he won't rest until his team is cleared.

And if anyone has actually read the Wells report knows, once this hits the legal system, none of that "more probable than not" and "generally aware" language is going to hold up for longer than it takes to say case dismissed.

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