The NFL passed a new rule which moves the extra point attempt back from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line, making it a little more difficult to convert on those opportunities than before. The two-point conversion will still take place at the 2-yard line.

The motion was proposed by the Patriots.

It's an interesting rule and could add a little extra excitement to close games. However, Sports Illustrated's Peter King implores fans not to get too attached to the new rule.

And I’m told the owners could change the system again in 2016. One of the significant and salient points made during Tuesday’s vote was this: The measure passed for one season only. That means teams wanted a change to what’s become a gimme—99.5 percent of all PAT kicks have been made in the past four seasons—but wanted to see how the new system worked before doing something revolutionary. The league wants to promote exciting plays after touchdown; just 59 two-point plays were attempted in 2014. If the new extra point doesn’t motivate coaches to go for two more, look for the owners next offseason to vote to push the PAT back eight or 10 yards further so some drama is created in the touchdown conversion.

The kicker to this rule is that now if a defense forces a turnover of any kind on an extra point or two-point conversion attempt, it can be returned for two points.

It'll be interesting to see if this encourages coaches to go for two points a little more than in the past.

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Jesse Gaunce 5/20/2015 09:57:00 AM Edit

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