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The Patriots picked up Tre Jackson, Florida State guard, in the 4th round of the draft. That prompted a strong positive response from FSU's offensive line coach, Rick Trickett, per the Boston Herald:

“I wish (the Patriots) would take all my guys,” Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett told the Herald yesterday, “because they’re about the only damn team that knows what the hell to do with them. I swear to God, the longer they (fall in the draft), I see a couple guys get drafted in front of this guy who couldn’t carry his jock.”

“I think it’s a great thing, the working combination between him and Stork,” Trickett said. “He is a great guy. He is a Patriots kind of kid. He is everything they want. He has never missed a meeting, a practice or a game here in four years. He is that kind of guy. He is a great person, has got a great family, and he’ll be a great football player. He’s got an edge on him now. He’s wanting to show people who slipped him down to the fourth round. I think they got a second-round player in the fourth round.”

He’ll do whatever he’s got to do to help them win, and that’s the main thing,” Trickett said. “That’s why New England wins. Guys do what the team needs. That’s what I try to raise them on. Don’t worry about the vertical jump, the broad jump, all that stuff.

“It’s more about finding a damn football player. Tre’ is a football player.”

If Jackson is everything that Trickett says he is, then the Pats made a solid pick by getting Jackson. And with every team in the division beefing up, particularly on the defensive end, the Pats will need that extra help on the offensive line to keep Tom Brady upright.

Conor Frederick 5/04/2015 12:40:00 PM Edit

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