Stupid Patriots fan gives stupid reasons for stupidly abandoning the NFL as a whole.... Stupid

....did I mention this is stupid?

A Patriots "fan" by the name of Jamie Conway is making headlines today because he's decided to give up on the NFL and the Patriots. This is mostly perpetuated by Deflategate and because the majority of the world sees the Patriots as cheaters.

To quickly summarize, here are some of his biggest gripes:

1. Greedy owners

2. Malcolm Butler's championship-sealing interception is being looked at more as a boneheaded play call by Pete Carroll instead of a great play (it was a bit of both)

3. The cash cow that the NFL has become

4. Football fans who harbor ill will towards the Patriots

5. Deflategate and the media-driven scandal it turned into.

I get the greedy owners and the NFL becoming this gigantic money-grabbing entity parts, but to give up on a team because other people hate them and talk a bunch of smack? Come on, dude.

This was a media-driven scandal, like all other scandals, because writers want to get clicks. Not a big deal. That's part of what journalism has been and still is. People say things they don't mean to get a reaction.

Here is my favorite part of the entire piece:

I hate the owners—Robert Kraft included—who clearly don’t care about fans like me. I hate the media covering the NFL, even the media who are deferential to the Patriots or at least to due process. I hate the draft. I hate the playoffs. I hate the Super Bowl. Most of all I hate the NFL, DirecTV, ESPN, CBS, Fox, NBC, fantasy football and every platform that has made the NFL a religion. Mark Cuban predicted the NFL would implode over its own greed and arrogance and drive away fans, and in my case he was right. I’ve reached my saturation point. I’m tired of caring about this dumb set of 32 corporations.

My favorite team won the Super Bowl on one of the most exciting plays in NFL history, but that play that has barely been viewed as a success of the Patriots and largely seen as a failure of Pete Carroll, because the media love counterintuitive angles. And now the Patriots have been dismembered and destroyed by the media and the league for one of the most absurd accusations of all time. The only positive note for Pats owner Robert Kraft outside the Boston bubble has been praise for his capitulating to the league’s disciplinary process. Fans around the country take glee in his decision not to pursue an appeal rather than seeing it for what it was—a savvy business decision in an unwinnable scenario. Those same fans are trying to reinforce false narratives about both Spygate and Deflategate. It’s like arguing with climate change deniers—I can’t fight someone who refuses to listen.

Climate change deniers? Really? You couldn't have picked something more entertaining to argue about? Like...maybe CrossFit? Now THOSE are some weird people.

Anyway, this is the sort of thing that makes all Patriots fans look like a bunch of entitled morons. I'm not speaking for everyone, but many of them believe the team should be given the world, that they should win every year and that no team in the league can stand up to them.

Ha...yeah. First off, winning every year is not a given. Injuries happen, as well as other unforeseen circumstances can pop up at any time. And when mediocrity finally does hit the Patriots, how many fans will stick around and watch the losing? Have we gotten so used to winning that we feel that we're untouchable?

Secondly, stop with the whole "they hate us cause they ain't us" thing. People who say that sound like the biggest assholes on the entire planet. That phrase makes me cringe almost as much as when people refer to their favorite team as "we."

Patriots fans have become as bad, if not worse than Cowboys fans, Lakers fans, Penguins fans, etc.

Third, that whole GoFundMe campaign was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. When you've got tragedies going on in Baltimore, Nepal, and other places at that time, you really want to donate money to a team that views $1 million as lunch money?

Fourth, what sane human beings go to hang out inside the NFL offices in New York and get arrested for a quarterback who you don't even know personally? Do you have nothing better to do with your time?

Lastly, that "Free Brady" rally.... REALLY WORKED DIDN'T IT?!?! Only upwards of 100 people showed up, right? Yeah, great turn out. You guys really had a productive Sunday.

This is why everyone else in America hates us. Part of it is the team, but another huge part of it are fans like these. MAKE IT STOP. I'm all for the whole #NoBradyNoBanner thing and showing support for him by changing profile pictures on social media to a picture of the back of his jersey, but that's as far as any rational, sane fan should go. Don't donate your money, don't get arrested, and stop assuming people hate your team because they win so much.

Oh, and Jamie, if the Patriots have another winning season this year and are competing for a Super Bowl, don't start watching again and don't call yourself a fan. We won't miss you.

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