Its time the annual Top 100 players in the NFL list. With the Patriots being the reigning Super Bowl Champs you can expect a few players to appear on the list.

The first name to come up is Julian Edelman at number 91.

Its impossible to disagree with the notion that Julian is rated too low. He didn't even make the list last year even though he had over 100 receptions and this year he barely makes it on the list despite his ability to be a game changer for the world champs.

Edelman is just not a threat as a wide receiver. He also is a top one or two punt returner in the entire league. With his punt returns routinely setting up the Patriots offense with great field position and always the threat of taking one to the house. Add in the extra dimension of being able to throw the ball, as he did in the AFC Divisional round against the Ravens and you have a triple threat of a player. You can count those type of players in the NFL on one hand, even if you are missing a finger or two, so to have him ranked so low is outrageous!

In the end he made the list but one thing for sure, no one with the Patriots don't underestimate how important Edelman is to the team.

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