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The Patriots Hall of Fame is getting a new member: Willie McGinest. McGinest was here for the first 3 Patriots Super Bowl victories in his decade plus with the Pats. Here's some of what he had to say, per ESPN:

"It’s a humbling experience," McGinest said after thanking the Kraft family, Hall of Fame committee, teammates, coaches and fans. "I knew I was one of a couple of really talented players who were also deserving and [I'm] just paying my respect to all the players who put on Patriots uniforms who also deserve this honor."

"I tell the story all the time. It’s a funny situation because [former Patriots head coach Bill] Parcells never really called me or kept in touch. I had one visit, and I thought I was going to Dallas; they were going to trade and move up and then I happened to be in New England. I really didn’t watch a lot of New England football. I knew about it because Drew [Bledsoe was] drafted number one overall the year before."

The start of a winning tradition. "We had some success early. I knew when Mr. Kraft bought the team that he had a lot of expectations to grow the organization and make this one of the best, premier organizations in the league. The coaches and everybody there were determined to get the best players on the roster. Just being around some of the guys that I played with, after that first Super Bowl in 1996, I just knew that we had an opportunity to do something great. Of course, I didn’t imagine it would be one of the most winning franchises in history and everything that’s [been] accomplished and where the organization is now, it’s exceeded all of my expectations."

McGinest also talked about the impact of Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, as well as some personal highlights from his Patriots career.

Hopefully the Hall in Canton, Ohio is the next stop for McGinest. It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

Conor Frederick 5/27/2015 12:51:00 PM Edit

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