Brandon Spikes selling AFC Championship ring on eBay

Former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes has put his 2011 AFC Championship up on eBay. No word on exactly why he posted it, but it's the latest development in what's been a weird few weeks for Spikes.

The Patriots released him after there was suspicion regarding his involvement in a possible hit-and-run, which he's now been charged for. He initially blamed hitting a deer as the reason his car was abandoned on a highway.

There's a good chance his playing career is over, so it's likely he's looking to make some extra money to pay the attorneys that he'll hire, or he just wants to cut all ties to New England. As of roughly 5:43 am this morning, you can bid on the ring for a mere $19,499.

Spikes was signed on May 18 to provide depth at the linebacker position.

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