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Daniel Tosh has been known to push the limits of good taste on his Comedy Central show Tosh.0. Sometimes he can still make it funny while the rest of the time it can be described as cringe worthy.

At his show in Boston last week he went to the cringe worthy side. Tosh showed up wearing an Aaron Hernandez jersey. The date of the show fell just a few days after the two year anniversary of the murder of Odin Lloyd, which Hernandez was convicted of just a few months ago.

Daniel Tosh wearing convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez's jersey

Why would Tosh do this? Its pretty simple, he is a huge Miami Dolphins fan. And after years and years of watching your favorite team get pushed around and humiliated by the Patriots you end up doing dumb stuff like this.

Someone should remind him though about the time the star offensive lineman for his Dolphins wore a "Free Hernandez" hat

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