From left to right: Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers and Jim Plunkett
Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana doesn't think Deflategate is a big deal. In fact, he called the whole ordeal dumb.

“Everybody is trying to do something different,” Montana said in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Our offensive linemen used to spray silicone on their shirts until they got caught. Once you get caught, you get caught. Period. It doesn't take anything away from Tom's game. But how long has he been doing it? I don't know.”

Tom Brady grew up a 49ers fan and idolized Montana, so it was probably refreshing for him to hear this. Even though Montana isn't the first former player to come to Brady's defense, he's certainly the most notable. Many consider him to be the greatest quarterback of all time.

Montana continued:

“It is one of those things that is a rule, right?” Montana said. “It might be a dumb rule, but it doesn't matter. He didn't deflate them himself, but you can pick up the ball and can tell if it is underinflated, overinflated or what you like. Everybody is afraid to say it, but if the guy did it, so what? Just pay up and move on. It's no big deal.”

Montana's sentiment is one shared across New England and very small parts of the United States. Just in my personal experience, everyone I've talked to about it doesn't see the big deal with all of this (I don't live in Massachusetts). Maybe they're just saying that to appease me, maybe they're not. Who knows?

Brady's appeal for his four game suspension will be heard later this month.

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Jesse Gaunce 6/09/2015 10:11:00 AM Edit

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