Matt Light is still protecting Tom Brady

From the beginning, former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light has been very vocal about the way the media has treated Tom Brady throughout the Deflategate controversy, especially Felger and Mazz.

Light called into Felger and Mazz on Tuesday to defend Tom Brady, and ended up ripping the duo's take on Robert Kraft's relationship with Roger Goodell and the way they have treated the quarterback.

"The real deal is that Roger made a horrible mistake," said Light.

Matt Light spent eight years as an offensive tackle with the New England Patriots covering the blind side for QB Tom Brady. In his eyes, Tom can do no wrong.
You can go back a year before any of this happened and you could find text messages from probably half the country that would prove this ridiculous point you want to make. It has nothing to do with what we're talking about. The evidence is very clear.

If I can speak for Felger and Mazz, the issue is "not the text messages, the deflation of footballs or gaining a competitive advantage." It is about being in a situation having to justify one's actions, and wasting valuable time in doing so.

If the evidence is crystal clear, then why are 10 hours not enough time to wiggle out of a predicament that Tom Brady shouldn't have been in in the first place? Only the 40 people in the room who are under orders to keep quiet know what really happened.

Speculate - a: to meditate on or ponder a subject, b: reflect, c: to review something idly or casually and often inconclusively.

Matt Light from Foxboro is in the same boat as "Danny from Quincy" and "Mike from Attleboro or Woburn." It is purely speculation. Nobody does that better from 2-6 than Felger and Mazz.

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