Richard Sherman talks about moving on from Super Bowl loss

Boastful Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman is still recovering from losing the Super Bowl in one of the most demoralizing ways.

Never gets old.

However, Sherman sounds as if he's working on turning the page, according to Rachel Wold of

“I guess (we approach 2015) the same way we recovered after the Super Bowl win the year before — you wash it off and clean slate. When you win it doesn’t give you anything going into the next year and when you lose it doesn’t take anything away going into the next year. So you treat it like a clean slate and you go in and you get back to the grindstone.”

While Sherman himself hasn't made headlines recently, his name came up just a few days ago by way of another corner back: Antonio Cromartie.

The Jets corner, also one with a big mouth, said he doesn't think Sherman is the best corner back in the league. That distinction went to Darrelle Revis. What a shock.

“I’ve said it before, I believe he is. … It’s just the point that you have two all-pro safeties, and they only play two coverages, Cover-3 and Cover-1. I mean, he does what he does in that system, and that’s what makes him the best at what he does, at times, in that system. So you can’t fault him for that, it’s the system that he plays in, and he plays it to the best of his abilities.”

Sherman hasn't responded yet, but I hope he does.

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