Mike Reiss, ESPN:
Scott Chandler makes strong first impression. Tight end Scott Chandler, who signed with the Patriots in March after five seasons with the Bills, is getting favorable reviews. "Scott's been a tremendous veteran addition to our team," offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said. "He has a great work ethic, he's come in here and done everything he could to catch up. He has a good rapport with the quarterbacks and the other tight ends and he's very coachable, very intelligent and in great condition. He's everything you could ask somebody to come here and be at this point in the year."

The choice by Scott Chandler to join the New England Patriots was a relatively easy one to make. A $2 million signing bonus didn't hurt. The fun part will be catching more than six TD's in a season. The recently departed Tim Wright was able to accomplish that feat, and he rarely saw the field.

Tom Brady may be the happiest player attending these OTA's(Organized Training Activities). Getting to work with the 6'7" 260 lb. Chandler and the smaller 6'6" 265 lb. Gronkowski at summer camp may allow Tom to forget about DeFlategate, even for a few moments.

Just as Rex Ryan has circled the second week of the season on the calendar for the Super Bowl champs coming to Buffalo, Scott Chandler has probably done the same. "If you can't beat them, join them." The only downside for Scott so far was watching all those players head over to owner Bob Kraft's house, and get their Super Bowl rings.

I just renewed the REDZONE channel. I will be watching a lot of the two headed monster attack down by the goal line. Scott Chandler has the look of a hockey player with his two front teeth missing. "I like to look mean for a little bit," he cracked. With Rob Gronkowski on the other end of the line, every week will look like Friday the 13th.

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