You can only ask Rob Gronkowski a question so many times before he just has to speak his mind. Countless times he has been asked about what he thinks of Tom Brady's suspension. The other day he responded with "Just gotta worry about myself and worry about what I gotta do to help the team the most". Toeing the Patriot line if you will.

Well finally Gronk had reached the limit and said what we've all been thinking.

CBS Boston

I think he should just get the four games wiped out baby! Roger, just wipe out those four games and make this easy,” Gronk told hosts Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell. “Put this in the past; it’s pretty annoying that you keep holding it up.

Yeah Roger, quit being annoying and lets get to the point where Brady is cleared to play week one. If you keep up this whole "the decision will come soon" shtick Gronk might just throw you out of the club.

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