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As we continue to wait for Roger Goodell to finally decide what to do with Tom Brady's appeal, Peter King has some advice for the indecisive commissioner. Lets wait longer. Like until next season longer.

King in his MMQB column writes that the league should hold of on any and all punishment until after the 2015 season so that they can get more information on how footballs deflate during games.


I think this is what I’d do on the Tom Brady sanction if I were Roger Goodell: I’d announce I’m deferring all punishment until the end of the 2015 season while the air pressure in footballs pre-game, at halftime and post-game is studied in 267 regular- and post-season games. It is a fact that air pressure in footballs has never been measured at halftime and post-game, and has never been recorded before, during and after games. So, to see if the variance in pressure in the Patriots footballs from the AFC Championship Game was indeed unusual, let’s have a body of work to compare them to—footballs in the heat of September and the cold of December and January. Basically, despending on which physics expert you believe, it’s either a stretch to think the Patriots’ footballs deflated as much as they did by halftime of the game against Indy Jan. 18, or a perfectly normal occurrence. This is too important, the legacy of one of the game’s all-time greats, to hand down discipline without being more sure than anyone could be now about Brady’s guilt.

While King is right, the NFL didn't care about air pressure until the Colts cried to Mike Kensil about it, so to lay down such a hard punishment without having any knowledge of how the air inside the balls actually reacts in real life is without a question unfair.

But I do disagree with King in setting aside the punishment until next year. This has been stretched out way farther than it ever should have by the league. It needs to end now. And that end needs to be Brady being completely exonerated in all of this.

Unfortunately neither will happen. Not with Goodell being Judge Judy and Executioner. He can't appear weak now that he has taken it this far. The only end that deflate-gate will have is in a court room.

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