Add former Buccaneers corner back Ronde Barber to the list of people who are in Tom Brady's corner. The future Hall-of-Famer, speaking on the Tiki and Tierney radio show, thinks Brady's suspension should be eradicated.

“What should happen, in my opinion, is this should all go away,” Barber said. “In my personal opinion, this is a non-story that has turned into an offseason worth of press. If Tom Brady goes down for however many games his suspension is upheld, every other quarterback in the league needs to take the same suspension. I know for a fact that other teams manipulate footballs.

“Now, we can get into the science of this and whether the results were false or whether they made a mistake in the readings or (whether) they made (this) up . . . just to satisfy convicting Tom Brady,” Barber continued. “But to me, this is a non-story. So when they go into his appeal, I’m sure they’re going to come (out) throwing everything at Goodell. And Goodell, if he’s smart, he makes this go away – because Bob Kraft and the New England Patriots completely laid on the sword of Tom Brady, I think. They’re giving up a draft pick (and $1 million) without being proven guilty. . . . To me, this should go away.”

At this point, it almost seems like it's no secret that other teams manipulate footballs. It'd be nice if more people felt the way he did, but sadly not everyone is as rational and logical as the rest of us.

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Jesse Gaunce 7/07/2015 10:15:00 AM Edit

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