Will Brinson, CBS Sports:
Roger Goodell is in Sun Valley for a fancy tech/media conference and he told a CNBC reporter there he expects the NFL to issue a ruling on Deflategate very soon, perhaps even next week.

Goodell was spotted walking with Patriots owner Robert Kraft around Sun Valley, handing out bro fives to random people.

It doesn't take much thought to figure out that on the one of the few days of the year that there are no sporting events, the NFL would occupy this day all for themselves. The Major League Baseball Home Run derby is on Monday. The MLB All-Star game is on Tuesday. Wednesday will be dedicated to 24 hours of DeFlateGate talk. It probably should be a national holiday because there will be a work stoppage in the Northeast if the ruling is not favorable to Tom Brady.

A ruling will not happen this week because the topic of conversation will be on the National Basketball Association. The main focus will be on Los Angeles Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan who reneged on a contract with the Dallas Mavericks five days after a verbal commitment was made. For this traitorous act, there is no penalty.

An NFL QB player may or may not have doctored footballs, and he faces a four game suspension and a lifetime label as a "cheater."

I just put in for a personal day next Wednesday. I am not going to be sick, just yet.

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Paul Murphy 7/09/2015 10:57:00 AM Edit

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