Bill Simmons (now free from ESPN) trashes Roger Goodell and the NFL on Twitter

Now that Bill Simmons is no longer tethered by the ties of ESPN, he's free to truly speak his mind (without penalty) on the NFL and Roger Goodell. And to what shouldn't come as much of a surprise, Simmons is using his freedom to describe just how badly he thinks of the commissioner.

In a string of tweets posted on Friday, Simmons trashed Goodell and the NFL for their handling of Deflategate, pointing out the major flaws in their case - which isn't much of a case at all as much as it is a faulty, seriously corrupt and wholly deceitful witch-hunt against one the game's preeminent players.

Simmons was suspended by ESPN for three weeks last October after he called Goodell a liar (among other things) on his podcast for his role and willful ignorance in the Ray Rice cover-up. It was reported back in May that an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, an appearance in which Simmons again heavily criticized Goodell's integrity and ability as commissioner, was "the final straw" in ESPN's decision to not renew his contract.

Simmons is heading to HBO, giving him a unique platform to continue to criticize a man who has quickly become one of the most despised and untrustworthy figures in all of sports. We can't wait.

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