Construction accident at U.S.Bank Stadium claims one, injures one

A construction worker at the Minnesota Vikings' new stadium died after a 50-foot fall Wednesday morning while doing roofing work.

A second worker also is hospitalized in serious condition, though an executive for Mortenson Construction said it wasn't yet clear how he suffered his injuries.

"Today is an extremely sad day for the Minnesota Vikings organization and the entire stadium team," the Vikings said in a statement issued Wednesday afternoon. "Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the individual who passed away, the worker who remains hospitalized, and the more than 1,000 dedicated construction workers who are on the site every day and are also affected by this accident."

U.S. Bank Stadium is scheduled to open for the 2016 NFL season.

April 3, 2014; Minneapolis, Minnesota – A construction worker was killed during construction of St. Paul's Stadium when a section of concrete collapsed onto the cab of a backhoe he was operating.

June 11, 2013; Santa Clara, California – An elevator mechanic is killed during construction of the 49ers stadium when he was hit by an elevator counterweight.

September 9, 2012; Houston, Texas – Two fans were injured when a panel from the stadium's LED display board was jarred loose and fell into the stands.

The most famous ballpark accident was on July 14, 1999 at Miller Park baseball stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Big Blue was a Lampson Transi heavylift crawler crane that collapsed. Three workers were killed.

Three firms were fined a total of over US$500,000 as a result of the collapse. The widows of the workers, Marjorie DeGrave, Ramona Dulde-Starr and Patricia Wischer, settled a lawsuit against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of America, the company responsible for constructing the retractable roof of the stadium, for $57 million.

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