Eavesdropgate: forever paranoid Colts still sweep locker room at Gillette for bugs

If the Indianapolis Colts put half as much effort into beating the Patriots as they do worrying about bugs in their locker room they'd be much better of for it.

Just a day after former Colts head coach Tony Dungy told Dan Patrick that he and Peyton Manning used to discuss gameplans out in the hallways of Gillette Stadium over fears the visitors' locker room was bugged, Bob Kravitz, columnist for WHTR and the man who was used like an gold baseball glove to kick off Deflategate way back in January, reported today that the Colts *STILL* sweep the locker room at Gillette for eavesdropping devices.
That must be the reason why the Colts have lost the last three games played at Gillette Stadium by a combined score of 147-53, right? On the same hand, did Bill Belichick and Ernie Adams have Lucas Oil Stadium bugged back in November when Jonas Gray steamrolled the hapless Colts defense for a thousand yards in a 42-20 blowout win?

While the Colts are busy worrying about Cold War tactics on the part of the Pats, the Pats themselves are busy gashing the Colts for a million yards of offense while picking off Luck a dozen times. It also reinforces the notion that the Patriots are masterminds of mastering your mind. The homefield advantage goes way beyond the 68K that pack Gillette every home game. No, it extends to the shadowy figures operating behind the scenes in the depths of the stadium, to the hotdog vendor who's charting your every move in between selling his goods, to the security official keeping an eye on your star player hobbling through the locker room and then buzzing Belichick's red phone at his desk.

But keep checking those ceiling tiles and lockers, Indy! Oh look, Legarrette Blount just punched in another touchdown.

 Photo credit: www.good4utah.com