Jimmy Garoppolo shines in win over Saints

AP Photo
If, for some reason, Tom Brady's suspension isn't totally overturn and he has to miss games, I'm going on record as saying I would be completely comfortable with Jimmy Garoppolo filling in. Jimmy played extremely well against the New Orleans Saints in bringing the Patriots back from a 21-point first half deficit.

Let's start with the numbers: Jimmy Garoppolo was 28/33 for 269 yards with a TD and 1 interception, which is impressive in itself. More than was the poise he showed after taking over for Tom Brady in the first half. That one interception was his lone mistake, and it wasn't fatal when it possibly could have been after the Saints got a 1st & goal. The Patriots defense held firm, though, holding the Saints to a field goal, when they looked like they could have put 7 on the board. He did a good job of marching the offense down the field for a touchdown on 3 consecutive drives, and then getting them in field goal range late in the 4th quarter to ultimately win the game.

Yes, he had a lot of help from the running game, and the backs should get their due, but so should Jimmy Garoppolo. Especially on the first touchdown, where he avoided a sack, then hit Chris Harper for a 24-yard touchdown late in the first half. That was a particularly impressive play from Garoppolo to avoid the pressure and get the touchdown.

The interception was his only mistake, and that particular play was a poor decision, but that was the only mistake he made, as I mentioned. I'd like to see him work on ironing out that particular kink in his game during the rest of preseason, but overall, I'll take that performance every single day of the week. And, with a full compliment of recievers when the season starts, it's hard to imagine the Patriots missing a beat if he does end up starting the season at quarterback.

Keep it up, Jimmy.

Stats per ESPN.com.