Kraft: NFL needs to "rethink" player displine

With Tom Brady fighting the NFL over Deflategate, Patriots President Jonathan Kraft feels that he need rethink player discipline.

Via Radio 98.5
"The personal conduct policy and how discipline would be handled by the commissioner started under [former commissioner] Paul [Tagliabue] and was strengthened under Roger, You have to look back to the middle part of the last decade when the real premise of how it's done was created." - Jonathan Kraft

"I think the world has changed and the complexity of some of the situations -- things that I don't think we ever thought we would be dealing with, we're dealing with." - Jonathan Kraft

Kraft made sure that he was not talking just about Brady, speaking about "the seriousness of other issues as well"

“There probably needs to be a rethinking so that the league office and the Commissioner aren’t put in a spotlight in a way that detracts from the league’s image and the game,” he continued, “even if the league office is doing the right thing, or the wrong thing, or whatever you think. It probably needs to be rethought for the modern era that we’re in and the different things that are coming up that I don’t think people anticipated and how the public wants to see them treated.” - Jonathan Kraft

How and what changes will be implemented? And how will they impact the future of the Team? Only time will tell.
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