NBA legend Magic Johnson is a big Tom Brady fan, so much so that he won't watch the Patriots without the star quarterback.

"I'm a Tom Brady fan," Johnson said via WEEI. "I don't want to see Tom Brady miss one game. Because then I'm not watching. I'm just telling you like it is, I want to see Tom Brady and the Patriots."

Johnson is of course well-known in Boston because of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, but he's not someone you can really hate anymore. Johnson, like many football fans, want to see Brady out there because he's fun to watch.

"Look, we're all competitive," he continued. "We don't want to see New England without Tom Brady. If you're a great football team and a great football player, you want to have them at their best, and that's who you want to beat."

The Pittsburgh Steelers have said as much, as multiple players have stated they want to see Brady out there in Week 1.

Plus, if you beat the Patriots without Brady under center, is it really that big of a win? I don't think so.

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Jesse Gaunce 8/11/2015 01:25:00 PM Edit

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