NFL officials still don't know what happens if footballs test under legal limits

Every summer, NFL officials travel across the country, stopping at the training camps of all 32 teams. This is for the purpose of clarifying rule changes going into effect for the new season. Players and coaches get the chance to iron out any questions they might have about the interpretations of the new rules. The refs also stay around to officiate a practice or two, giving the players a chance to see how the rules might be called on the field.

The officials also meet the press at each stop, where local media are given a presentation outlining each new rule. Needless to say, given the new protocols the league is putting in place regarding football inflation levels, this years presentation in New England was guaranteed to be far more entertaining than the snoozefest I personally sat through last year.

The local media has been quick to point out the inconsistencies in the league's handling of "Deflategate" and they didn't disappoint at today's presentation. When pressed by former Patriots linebacker and current NESN analyst Matt Chatham, official Gene Steratore admitted that he, like us, has no idea what will happen if a ball is tested at halftime and found to be under the legal limit of 12.5 psi.

So, in other words, after turning ball deflation into one of the biggest "scandals" in NFL history, the league still hasn't fleshed out to it's officials what to do if a ball is found to be under the legal limit? We're still in "make shit up as we go" territory on this? Isn't that how we got here in the first place?

As Chatham notes, at least Steratore is deflecting the question to capable hands...

Well, the only thing consistent throughout the entire "Deflategate" process has been the incompetence of the league. It sure looks like that won't be changing anytime soon.