Matt Klis, 9news:
Peyton Manning delivered a message to his good friend, colleague and career-long nemesis Tom Brady: No big whip.

This all started with #Deflategate and Brady's "more probable than not" involvement. The commissioner levied Brady with a four-game suspension.

In a private e-mail that became public knowledge through the NFL players' union appeal of that suspension, Brady said of Manning: "I've got another 7 or 8 years. He has 2. That's the final chapter."

The good natured QB of the Denver Broncos didn't get all worked up over a little dig from Patriots' QB Tom Brady. Tom may actually be correct in predicting an end to the career of Peyton Manning. The Denver signal caller has had three neck operations. The most recent operation involved a single level anterior fusion: a fix from the front. At age 39, Peyton may know the future better than Tom Brady.

Anne Marie Terion, WTHR:
The disc herniation is on the front of the nerve, so we go in through the front, take the pressure off the nerve, and then we distract that disc space where it belongs. We also open the tunnel where the nerve runs out and then we keep it in that position with a little bone graft. And you usually put a little plate across that section so people can move their neck right away and get back to doing their normal activities very quickly," Dr. Rick Sasso said.

Tom Brady should be careful what he wishes for. With all the turmoil surrounding him since the AFC Championship Game, Tom may be closer to the two year plan than Peyton Manning. All the DeFlateGate talk and the scrutiny concerning his cellphone has taken the fun out of being one of the best QB's of alltime. All those trips to the Big Apple to meet with his real rival, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, hasn't felt like an eighth grade field trip.

Tom Brady was always the teacher's pet. If the New England Patriots do not shore up the offensive line, Tom will be running for his life right into retirement.

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