Via Jim Donaldson of the Providence Journal:
The pressure is building - not deflating - for a settlement in the debacle that is Deflategate...From what I've learned in conversations this past week with league sources, it appears that, while some team owners still may want Tom Brady and the Patriots punished as severely as possible, a signifcant number of owners are "uncomfortable" with the way things are going

With each passing day and the releasing of more and more documents, the NFL and Roger Goodell are being revealed as a spiteful bunch that set out to punish the Patriots and Tom Brady with ulterior motives beyond a simple equipment violation. As has been exposed in recent years, the NFL is truly run by the 32 owners, not by the Commissioner, and not only is the court of public opinion beginning to sway in Brady's favor, the owners themselves are now reconsidering their stance with Goodell and his actions.

At the moment, a settlement between the two sides seems to be out of the question, as the PA and Brady's team are prepared to go as far as possible to ensure he doesn't miss a single snap of football. Both parties are set to go before Judge Richard Berman tomorrow morning in a New York federal court to detail if any progress has been made in regards to coming together on a settlement.

Depending on who you read, the two sides are no closer to an agreement tomorrow than where they were a week, a month or two months ago.

Mark Burke 8/11/2015 01:09:00 PM Edit

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