Three months later, Peter King finally owns up to false PSI report

It only took Peter King three months to right his obvious wrong, but at least he finally got around to it, right?

The day following the AFC Title Game, ESPN's Chris "I Don't Know How Twitter Works" Mortensen reported that 11 out of the 12 balls New England used were at least two PSI under the legal limit of 12.5. Peter King piggybacked on Mort's report five days later, saying that "11 out of 12 of New England's footballs...had at least two pounds less pressure in them," while adding that "all 12 of Indianapolis' footballs were at the prescribed level."

Released in May, the Wells Report confirmed that either one or none of the Patriots' balls were two pounds under the legal limit, not 11 or 12, while only four Colts balls were measured at halftime (with a different gauge) because the officials ran out of time before the second half started.

Up until just three weeks ago, Mortensen did nothing to correct or rescind his erroneous report, and even when he finally did, his explanation was unceremonious and sloppy to say the least. King himself finally got around to doing the same yesterday, although he owned up to his error much more so than Mortensen did.

In his latest column on the Monday Morning Quarterback, King (conveniently buried at the near-bottom of his post) owned up to the fact that he reported false information that was handed to him through a "trusted" source regarding the 11-out-of-12 balls story. King wrote that he had heard "reliably" that the story of the footballs being two PSI under the legal limit of 12.5 was correct.

Although King acknowledges that he was possibly used as an outlet to report false information that directly implicated the Patriots, he is skeptical of accepting that scenario over the idea that the NFL would've been opening themselves up to massive amounts of scrutiny in the future when they knew the information was so blatantly false.

King continued, saying that this incident, along with his shoddy reporting of the Ray Rice saga last year, has made him question his sources in the league, adding that he can't take the word of those giving him information as "gospel." King finished his paragraph by admitting the it was his "error," and that the "readers, and the Patriots, deserve better than that."

Photo credit: Deadspin