Belichick does not mince words when talking Rex Ryan

In a recent conversation with reporters - Bill Belichick was asked about Tom Brady's struggles against Rex Ryan led defenses. Bill's response was simply, "We're not too concerned about that."

Now that comment does not surprise me - Bill has always been tight-lipped with the media and he has never bought into the trash-talking game that Rex Ryan loves so much. Instead he uses it as motivation in the locker room - and going into a very loud Bills stadium on sunday, we're going to need it!

Which is why his next comment surprised me just a little. Belichick followed that sentiment with this gem, "I think our record against (Rex Ryan) has been ok, we'll take it."

To anyone outside of New England who isn't familiar with Bill Belichick's style, that might seem like a deflection, or a nice way of ignoring the insult. But to all of Patriots nation - we know that that comment is a counter-punch to Rex Ryan and his Buffalo Bills trash talk this week.

I love it - our record speaks for itself - we will do the talking out on the field.

I can't wait for Sunday!

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via: LarryBrownSports