Bills may cut Matt Cassell

It looks like the Buffalo Bills have been thinking about cutting former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassell.

The Bills named Tyrod Taylor as their starting signal caller earlier this week, and have looked at Cassell and former first round pick E.J. Manuel in training camp.

Manuel, as per multiple reports, has been horrific, but they're thinking about cutting Cassell. Whatever works for them, I guess. If the above tweet is true, the Bills will be going into the season with a starting quarterback who has played all of eight games in four NFL seasons (0 starts), and a wildly erratic backup.

It goes without saying that Cassell has struggled in every city he's played in since he left New England. Chiefs fans cheered when he got hurt, the Vikings didn't hold on to him for too long, and now this. He wasn't great when he was with the Patriots, but he wasn't awful either.

If he is indeed cut, it'll be interesting to see if he lands with another team.

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