Bills might have broken in-stadium sound rules

Another week, another controversy surrounding the Patriots. This time, however, they weren't the ones in question. The Bills may or may not be at fault for violating pre-play stadium sounds during Sunday's game, according to Pro Football Talk. On multiple occasions, the Bills would blare a train horn while the Patriots were on offense to try and throw them off.

But it happened more than it should have.

In the memo sent last month reminding all teams of the NFL’s in-stadium noise policies, the league said this: “The home team is permitted to play audio while the visiting team is on offense and the play clock is running. The audio must cease by the time the play clock reaches 20 seconds, or when the visiting team’s offense reaches the line of scrimmage, whichever occurs first. Pursuant to this policy, the visiting team’s offense is considered being at the line of scrimmage when the center touches the ball.”

The Patriots used the no-huddle offense on multiple occasions, and on multiple occasions when the Patriots used the no-huddle offense the Bills were blaring the train horn.

This seems like a minor offense, so it's doubtful the league will come down hard on the Bills, if at all. According to the report, all 32 teams are required to submit recordings of the video board feed that go along with the PA system audio by the Wednesday following a home game. So in other words, we'll know tomorrow if the Bills did anything wrong.

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