Brady willing to compromise - NFL isn't.

Tom Brady has been embroiled in this "Deflate-gate" saga for 9 months now, and by Friday we will finally have a decision - whether the parties involved like it or not.

"As of Monday, Brady was once again ready to consider striking a deal." - Mike Florio

When the decision was made to take this to court and have it reviewed by Judge Berman there was nothing but speculation by us fans, the media, and both parties as to what was going to happen. The Judge made it very clear that he wanted this matter settled out of court and would have liked both the NFL and the NFLPA to come to an agreement without his having to step in. This was not done and was not possbile because the NFL has been incredibly stubborn in their push to have to Tom Brady found guilty and have him admit that he knew these footballs were being deflated.

Tom Brady has shown some leniency and a willingness to accept a 1 game suspension (which is still being very generous in my opinion in light of the fact that they have no proof of his guilt and he'd be missing the season opener after winning the SuperBowl!), and even a fine to go with it - for failure to cooperate with the investigation.

The NFL has only been willing to show leniency if Tom Brady admitted guilt of wrongdoing in the whole affair. They have been very stubborn with their punishment, and even without proper evidence they have been adamant that they believe Tom Brady has done something wrong and they want him punished.

This whole ordeal has been a witch hunt from the start - and now it's finally over. Personally, based on the way this case has been playing out, I see no reason why Judge Berman won't lift the entire suspension and stick it to the NFL for their lack of flexibility in this matter. I cannot wait for this decision to be made either way - and for football to begin!

Tom Brady has made it clear that he will be flexible with his punishment and money - but not with his principles - which is exactly what the NFL is going after. Good for you TB12! I can't wait to see you out there on the gridiron!

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