Brandon Marshall feels Tom Brady got off easy because he is white.

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Brandon Marshall likes to think he's edgy. That he can come up with some hot takes. So whats a better hot take than playing the race card.

On his weekly appearance on Showtime's Inside the NFL, Marshall said some players in the NFL believe Tom Brady got off because he is white. More specifically that he is a white quarterback.


The race card,” Marshall said. “There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players — specifically, at the quarterback position — are treated differently.”

He went on: “This is how guys are feeling, this is not just my opinion,” he said. “These are conversations I’m having with guys.

Marshall was then asked if he believed black players were held to a different standard. He responded: “Absolutely. At times, yes.

These are obviously players that haven't read the transcripts from Judge Berman's court. If they had, they would be able to see that race played no part whatsoever in Berman's decision to vacate Brady's suspension. In stead he based it on the fact the NFL didn't follow due process and give Brady a right to a fair trial. If anything it shows that the NFL treats all players with contempt.

Marshall was also asked if he felt that if deflategate had involved Cam Newton that it would have turned out different. Of course he felt that Newton would have had his suspension upheld in that case. It seems that he has forgotten about the 2014 incident during the Panthers and Vikings game where ball attendants were seen warming the footballs by a heater. A violation of NFL rules similar to deflated footballs. Surely Newton was "generally aware" that they were doing so and yet the teams only received a warning from NFL HQ.

If anything, you could say that players and coaches for the Patriots are held to a different standard, no matter what race they are.

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