Gronk is underrated

We all know that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is and MVP caliber player on the field and on the dance floor, but according to his head coach via the Boston Herald, he's actually underrated as a leader for New England.
“He doesn’t really sometimes come across in that role [to the public. But [from] what I see, Rob is very attentive, very coachable. You tell him what you want him to do, and he works very hard to do it the way you want it done. He’s a smart football player.”

Belichick went on to compare Gronk to former Giants TE Mark Bavaro.
“I just think he sets a great example for our team. The work ethic, he’s a fun guy to be around, ultimately he goes out and performs at the best he possibly can,” quarterback Tom Brady said. “He does it with toughness no matter what he’s asked to do. Whether it’s in the run game, obviously he gets a lot of attention for catching touchdown passes, but he does all the dirty work too.”

You know you are good if you get Bill Belichick gawking over you to the media and with Gronk it is clearly well deserved. If the Patriots make it to where they want to go, Gronk can arguably be the MVP for this team, even with Tom Brady being Tom Brady.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

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