Kraft on Deflate-Gate: Most Overblown Story in Recent NFL History

At the Patriots Premiere event on Tuesday at Gillette Stadium, we heard Tom Brady joking around about his "enjoyable offseason."

However in reality, it really has been anything but enjoyable. It's been downright irritating. 

Sifting through court documents, brushing up on legal jargon, finely tuning my test tubes and beakers to run tests on the Ideal Gas Law. It's been a full time job just for us shmucks to follow Deflate-Gate, not even to mention being the guy and the team it's actually about.

At the event, Patriots owner Robert Kraft talked to CSNNE and the rest of the media about the possibly of this story continuing saying the focus should be and is on what is ahead not what is in the past.
"I spoke on behalf of the team and addressed the organization's position regarding, in my opinion, the most overblown story in recent NFL history," said Kraft. "I advised our coach, his staff and all of our players to ignore the noise and keep their focus on what is most important for this coming season."

This is nothing new for a Bill Belichick run team. "Ignore the noise," "We're on to 2015" and yada yada yada. It's great. Honestly, no other team would be able to handle this much controversy and still produce on the field. It's just another example of how the Patriots continue to be the best run organization in the NFL and arguably in sports.

The unfortunate thing is, though, there is no need for this. Kraft is on the money. Deflate-Gate is the most overblown story in recent NFL history. I would argue that it is the most overblown sports story of all time, but we don't need to quibble over semantics.

As we await a ruling from Judge Berman, it becomes so much clearer that this story has turned into something much bigger than a team possibly taking out air in footballs.

The crux of the issue now is that Tom Brady, who seems to have built a strong case and seems innocent, is willing to take a game suspension with the language saying that had no involvement in the ball deflation scandal. Problem is the NFL won't get off its high horse and be reasonable. Yes, they can technically say they've come down to 3 games instead of four, but by what has been reported, even that hasn't been officially offered. Even if it was offered it's a bush league one at that.

The NFL doesn't care if this goes away. I've been saying that for a while. What they don't want is to come out of this thing spending almost 4 million dollars on a report that basically lost them this court case.

This story now is about the NFL trying to catch themselves from falling on its face.

Problem is they already hit the ground, they just haven't regained consciousness.

Photo Credit: NESN

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